Preparing for your next product launch?

Today over 93% of all US prescriptions  are reimbursed by a third party payer¹.  A successful product launch requires optimizing both product Access: favorable reimbursement by third parties; and Availability: ease of supply.

Planning for optimal sales and utilization at launch requires effective pre planning:

  • How will health plans position my product?
  • Will PBMs and payers cover my product at launch?

  • How do payers position products in my targeted therapeutic class?
  • What impact will launch pricing have on payer acceptance and formulary uptake?

  • Will patients be willing to pay the out of pocket expense for my product?
  • What benefits will my product bring to payers vs. competitors?
  • What gaps can my product fulfill for payers?
  • How will payers differentiate my product from competitors?
  • How can distributors or specialty pharmacies impact my product?

  • How will competitors respond to payers due to my product’s entry?
  • What is the value proposition for payers and what evidence is available?
  • Will the supply chain result in easy purchasing for patients or ordering by physicians?

Payer positioning can affect the outcome of product launch and company focus.

At Prescription Alliance, our longstanding experience with payers and providers, knowledge of the managed markets arena, and knowledge of the drivers affecting payers makes for a more successful introduction of your brand into the payer market.  We work closely with your team including Regulatory, Medical, Legal, and Sales and Marketing to deliver the optimal product launch.

The Use of Medicines in the United States: Review of 2010, report by the IMS Institute of Healthcare Informatics.

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