Our clients are often emerging biopharma or device companies with a small product portfolio.  They engage Prescription Alliance to optimize their product’s launch into the US market.

Access & Availability Engagement

ACCESS & AVAILABILITY Engagement Example – Reimbursement of a pharmaceutical device product:

Situation: An international client who received a FDA 510K clearance (medical device) approval for a liquid/spray device combination in the US desired a pharmaceutical retail distribution strategy for their product. Payers previously viewed this product as a device covered under a medical benefit and not available or reimbursed through pharmacy methods.

Approach: Prescription Alliance’s strategy and implementation included engaging payers to view the combination liquid/device product as a new therapeutic category.   Over 50% of commercial payers added this new category as part of their pharmacy benefit.

Solution: Today, the product is reimbursed under the pharmacy benefit as a formulary item: Tier 3 covered and Tier 2 preferred agent…thereby reducing patient out of pocket expenses versus their medical benefit.

Availability Engagement

AVAILABILITY Engagement Example – Specialty distribution of an oncology product:

Situation: A US based company was not satisfied with their sub-optimal launch of an oncology product in a very crowded therapeutic class of four competitive product entrants.

Approach: The Prescription Alliance approach: Re-launch the product in the specialty distribution model. Develop a Hub central supply model for specialty distribution, as well as physician “buy & bill model.” Secondly re-price (increase) the product to match the specialty model.

Solution: The product re-launched as specialty drug.  It captured a higher market share and gained a better net revenue position within 6 months than its launch during the prior 24 months.

Access Engagement

ACCESS Engagement Example – Understand appropriate pricing, demand and probable payer formulary position for a new prescription chemical entity (NCE):

Situation: A US based research company in Phase III development plans to enter a market containing brands and generics.  The manufacturer was interested in possible payer price and access strategies.

Approach: The Prescription Alliance approach: Perform qualitative in-depth research using a panel of nationally recognized and experienced managed markets thought leaders.  Secondly, conducted quantitative research by using nationally recognized formulary and claims databases to extract and analyze data.

Solution: The company currently anticipates near term FDA approval and has used the Prescription Alliance developed roadmap (payer strategy, pricing and optimal access strategies) to secure additional investor interests and capital.

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